This is a BETA service - your feedback will help us improve the service.

Provide us with feedback

This is a BETA service; your feedback will help us to continually improve it.

What is a BETA?

The BETA label means you're looking at the first version of our new API service and documentation.

About SEPA's BETA services

  • SEPA is launching new or redesigned digital services;
  • During the BETA phase, services are continually tested and improved;
  • The BETA label is displayed on a new service to show it's being tested - it may not always work for everyone;
  • Sometimes a BETA service will be available at the same time as an older, existing service - you can choose which one to use;
  • Successful BETA services eventually become 'live' and replace any older services that perform the same task

While running the BETA service, we welcome feedback from our user community.

In particular, we are interested in:

  • the performance - do API calls consistently deliver the requested data?
  • the documentation - is it complete, and easy to follow?
  • the end uses and data loads - for instance, are your API calls likely to be servicing intermittent requirements for long-duration and wide-scale data-intensive projects, or short-duration, single-station, but continuous repetitive updates supporting a live service?
  • the range of data products - what other parameters, or further data aggregations, are missing, and why they are of interest?

As described in the quality assurance overview, we are less interested in:

  • short-term unavailability of live data from individual stations
  • doubtful quality of recent live data

Let us know your reactions and aspirations for the service by emailing us at with the subject API


Please provide sufficient information to enable us to visualise, quantify, or recreate issues, and to understand your further requirements and expectations. Note that attachments other than text files and images will generally be blocked by SEPA's mail filters.

N.B. while we cannot respond to all enquiries directly, you can be confident that we take all feedback into consideration when making future development decisions and we thank you for taking the time and effort to contact us.