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Return formats

specify the presentation of returned data

  • The format argument of a query specifies how the returned data are presented.
  • By default, if format is unspecified the data are returned as html.
  • Not all formats are available for all query functions.
N.B. The return timestamp formats are described elsewhere,Value,Quality Code&format=xlsx

Unfortunately, none of the formats are true tabular formats; ASCII, CSV, and XLSX are all structured the same as ZRXP, with headers between separate time series



ascii plain ASCII format, with headers commented with a # prefix
csv CSV table format, with headers commented with a # prefix. N.B. the default separator is a semicolon; this can be set to comma with &csvdiv=,
dajson optimised data array JSON format for timeseries values
esrijson (DEPRECATED) ESRI-like timeseries value JSON format
geojson official GEOJSON format
html HTML format
jpg JPEG format
json JSON format
kml Keyhole Markup Language by Google and OGC
lpk ESRI Layer Package format
objson JSON format to reflect object structure
png PNG format with lossless compression
tabjson JSON format to reflect table structure
wml2 WaterML2.0 timeseries value format
xlsx Excel 2007+ format with number and date cell types, with headers commented with a # prefix. N.B. due to cell formatting, production time quickly increases with the number of rows and columns, so this can be slow
zrxp KISTERS ZRXP format with basic content