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Time series list queries

retrieve lists of available timeseries with their metadata

The getTimeseriesList query function provides access to the identifiers (ts_id and ts_path elements) that allow targeted retrieval of specific time series data. Furthermore, station, parameter, and time series metadata can all be retrieved with the returnfields argument - this makes getTimeseriesList the most powerful metadata function.

N.B. by default getTimeseriesList only returns ts_id to enable further time series data retrieval; these are useful for compact lists of ts_id query arguments to the getTimeseriesData and getTimeseriesDataLayer functions. To return ts_path elements and temporal extents, specify the returnfields arguments with station_no, parameter_no, ts_shortname, and coverage. Alternatively, a pre-concatenated ts_path is returned by ts_pathSite_no is redundant as this value is always 1.

This is a good point to review the discussion of the pros and cons of ts_id and ts_path.

Get a list of time series for a named Parameter and Station
N.B. the returnfields argument is unspecified so this generates only the default return fields

Get a list of time series for all parameters at One Station Stewart&returnfields=station_no,station_name,catchment_name,station_latitude,station_longitude,stationparameter_name,ts_name,ts_id,ts_path,coverage&dateformat=yyyy-MM-dd
N.B. both ts_id and the pre-concatenated ts_path are returned and either could be used to subsequently retrieve the time series data values.

Again, this is a good point to review the discussion of the pros and cons of ts_id and ts_path.

Get a list of time series for Two Different Parameters at Two Named Stations Stewart, Brigton&stationparameter_no=RE,SG&returnfields=station_no,station_name,catchment_name,station_latitude,station_longitude,stationparameter_name,ts_name,ts_id,coverage,ca_sta&ca_sta_returnfields=GAUGE_DATUM,GROUND_DATUM,CATCHMENT_SIZE&dateformat=yyyy-MM-dd&orderby=station_name
N.B. station custom attributes, Gauge Datum, Ground Datum and Catchment Size.

Get a list of Daily Mean Flow time series for all Stations,station_name,catchment_name,station_latitude,station_longitude,stationparameter_name,ts_name,ts_id,ts_path,coverage&orderby=station_name

Get a list of Hourly Groundwater time series at selected Stations,459910,336526,336427&ts_shortname=Hour.Cmd&stationparameter_no=GWL&returnfields=station_no,station_name,catchment_name,station_latitude,station_longitude,stationparameter_name,ts_name,ts_id,coverage&dateformat=yyyy-MM-dd&orderby=station_name

Get a list of all Peak-Over-Threshold time series,station_name,catchment_name,station_latitude,station_longitude,stationparameter_name,ts_name,ts_id,coverage&dateformat=yyyy-MM-dd&orderby=station_name
N.B. this retrieves time series for two parameters at each station since ts_shortname is the same for both parameters.  If you only wanted just one you could specify the  stationparameter_name to the getTimeseriesList query function, e.g. request=getTimeseriesList&stationparameter_name=Level